Using Python SDK'opportunities') suddenly ignores "top" and "skip" keyword arguments



I've been using the v2.2 API via the Python SDK for a while now, and it was working very well. In the past couple of days, without any change made to my code base, the method started ignoring the "top" and "skip" arguments. I seem to always get back the first (earliest) 100 opportunities on my account, regardless of what I set (or do not set) on the top and skip arguments. This is both when using the arguments together and when using each separately.


Was there a change to the insightly API endpoints that is not addressed in the Python SDK? I did not see a new version committed to the github repo.


Please note that I have no problem fetching data, there is not authentication or communication issue. I get opportunities data, just not as specified by top and/or skip.


Thanks for your assistance,




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    Hi Oded,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is a bug; we are working to fix this as quickly as possible! I will update this post as soon as it is fixed.


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  • Hello again Oded. We have released a fix for the pagination problem with Opportunities. Please give that another try and let us know if it's not working. Thanks!

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  • Working perfectly again, thank you!

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  • Hi,

    According to my testing there seems to be a regression related to this issue. While the skip parameter is still respected, it seems as if the top parameter is now ignored again. Regardless of whether I set top=100,top=200 or top=600 I always get exactly 100 opportunities back.

    I did check and setting top to something less than 100, such as top=40 does effect and I do get only 40 opportunities back, so it is more as if there is now a hard limit on top=100.

    Thanks you for your assistance,


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