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4. Submit a Help Ticket. If you’re on a paid Insightly plan, you can submit a request to receive email support from our Customer Support team. Once you’ve signed in (see note above regarding Sign in), you’ll see an orange “Submit a request” button on the top right next to your profile name on the home page. If your paid account is active and you cannot see this button, please let us know in the comments field below.

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  • Hi Nature's Kitchen:

    If you have a paid account you want to be sure you register your paid email address with our Support site to see the options to contact support. 

  • My tasks are not sticking to my contacts! how can I fix this?


  • Hi Titus,

    I apologize you were having trouble with that. Our team has been working on this issue. Can you try once again and let me know if you're still having trouble?


  • Hi folks - I am on a paid account, and see no option to submit a ticket. I've set up my Mailchimp integration, and see nothing under the Mailchimp tab for a subset of my customer records. Thanks for your time and attention. /Billie

  • Hi Billie! Thanks for reaching out. Looks like there was a small hiccup but it has been fixed. Will you refresh your Help Center screen and let us know if you can see the Submit a Request button now?

  • Hi Brenda, yes, I do see it now. I'll try the Mailchimp integration again, too, and submit a ticket if it's still not working. Thanks!

  • We do not have that button.

  • Hi David,

    I'm sorry you're not seeing it. Are you logged in using your Insightly email address for your paid account?

  • I am logged in to the site, but don't see the submit ticket button.  I am a paid customer.  Thanks

  • Hi Suresh,

    I see you just submitted a ticket so it looks like the button appeared and you are good to go. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Thanks! 

  •  Im trying to submit a help question and and am logged in with a live account but there is no help button


    nigel musson

  • Hi Nigel:

    I replied to you in your other post here :)

  • How can I start a trial period for the basic plan from a free plan ?

  • Hi Alexis,

    Unfortunately, a 14 day Trial can not be added to an existing Free Plan. You will have to register a new account and select the 14 day Trial.

  • Hi guys,
    Why don't you allow users to define the number of tasks, contacts etc shown per page instead of limiting it to 50? A choice between e.g. 50, 100 and 200 will be a lot more user friendly as I have 2-300 tasks on average to update on a daily/weekly basis. Best /finn

  • Hi Finn,

    Welcome to our Community. I would recommend adding this to our Ideas & Suggestions section.

  • I already have - and wonder, whether I'll receive a confirmation from 'product development'...

  • I don't see a submit button.  I would like to change the user names on the paid account.  Currently you identify us by a test account and it should be Janice Bartels  I would like to eliminate all of the records on the test account and resubmit because I don't think I put them in the right format.  I would like to speak to someone live


  • Hi Janice,

    Insightly doesn't offer phone support, but I'm happy to help you.

    I wasn't able to find an account using your email address under the domain of This is why you're not able to see the submit option. You'll need to be logged in using the same email address you're using for the paid account.

    I did find a paid account under the domain of and noticed that the Account Owner is listed as "Burner Test". This can be edited under Contacts.

    Our Community is a public forum so I have removed the phone number and email address from your comments.

  • Hi Nora, we received Janice's reply in Customer Support:

            Burner test was our sample email but I would like to change that to Janice Bartels, how do I do this.

    Just a reminder that you must be in the community to leave a comment. Please do not reply to the email notification because your comment will not get posted -- and that's the only way we can continue helping you! Thanks! 



  • Hi Janice,

    You'll need to log in and go to Contacts. From Contacts > search for Burner Test > click Edit and make your changes.

  • Hello!


    I am unable to view the ticket option from my account. I am linked to my managers account so perhaps this is the issue. Any help would be great. 

  • Hi Emily:

    The email address used in our Help Center is not associated with a paid Insightly account. To see the Ticket option your email address should match the email used in Insightly. If your manager is the only paid user, you may need to ask them to open the ticket on your behalf.

  • Hi,


    We are reaching out to your billing team, and our tickets are auto-closed stating that we are on a free account. I'm a bit annoyed that we can't reach anyone there.  

    We are requesting a refund due to the no Zendesk integration, and we have moved to a competitor and this email issue has not made the situation any easier and I have to post this publicly which is a bit frustrating in itself. 

  • Hi Eric,

    I'm sorry for the trouble and to hear Insightly didn't work out for you. I just found your ticket and was able to have billing review it and respond to it. :)

  • Good Morning,


    I have a paid Insightly account but cannot see the "Submit a Request" button. I have not had anyone get back to me on any of requests for help through posts, calls, emails. Please assist me.

  • Hi Michael:

    We did a quick reset, can you log out and log back in to see if the button is appearing for you now? 

  • Great. Thank you

  • Awesome, thanks for circling back Michael :)

  • Hi, I need the Tax ID for my accountant. Could you give it to me please

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