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Welcome to the Insightly Help Center! There are 4 ways to find answers while you’re here.

1. Read our help articles. Our official help articles are a great reference when you need an answer immediately. Use the search bar and we’ll suggest matching articles as you type or click the Help Articles link from the home page to access our entire library.

2. Watch how-to videos and webinars. Click the Videos & Webinars link on the home page to view our short instructional videos or take a webinar tour through Insightly. If you’re on a paid Insightly plan and have logged in, you'll also see our premium live webinars that you can attend.

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*Sign in note: You’ll need to sign in or create a Help Center account to post a question or leave a comment. If you've never opened up a Help Center account please use the same login email you currently use to log in to Insightly. If you've forgotten your password click the reset password in the Sign In page.

4. Submit a Help Ticket. If you’re on a paid Insightly plan, you can submit a request to receive email support from our Customer Support team. Once you’ve signed in (see note above regarding Sign in), you’ll see an orange “Submit a request” button on the top right next to your profile name on the home page. If your paid account is active and you cannot see this button, please let us know in the comments field below.

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  • My sight is active, but I cannot see the orange button for help.


    Andre Sitbon

  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks for reaching out! We noticed that the login you created to use our Help Center was different that the login you currently use for Insightly so we weren't able to recognize you. So sorry about that!  If you'll reload the page, you should see the orange "Submit a request"  button now. :)


  • Hello, my site is active also, and we are on a paid plan but I cannot see the help button.


  • Hi Elizabeth! It looks like you're signing in to our Help Center using the same email address that you use for your Insightly account so the button should be appearing for you. So sorry that it's not! :( I did a little tweak on the backend - could you try one more time refreshing your screen and signing in to see if the button appears now? Thanks! 

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I just got your message saying you're not able to see the Submit a request button next to your profile name. :( I just saw that you now have two Help Center accounts  - one under capitalmachinery and one under webright. You may not have been able to see the button because even though we fixed your webright account, you were logged in to our Help Center under capitalmachinery. Hopefully, both are fixed now! Can you please try one last time? The button will look like the below. If it's still not appearing for you, please post your question here in the comments area and I'd be happy to open up a ticket on your behalf. Thanks!


  • Hi Brenda, I created a paid user account via your web site. After that I am trying to log-in through my gmail account. But it keeps creating a brand-new account through the same gmail user account. What should I do? 

  • Hi Erik:

    I only see an account for you under your Google Apps domain. I see you have a paid account so let me reach out to you offline to sort this out. Look for an additional email from me soon!

  • I'm not seeing the orange button for submitting a ticket! help, please!

  • Hi CST,

    I apologize you're having trouble seeing the option to submit a ticket. Can you try logging out of the community and back in in order to have your account refresh?

  • Fixed -- thank you!

  • When we sync our contacts from Gmail Contacts does it allow us to select which ones or is it an all or nothing scenario?  Thanks

  • Hi Mike:

    Google Contact Sync will sync all Insightly Contacts into your Google account under a separate folder labeled Insightly-Contacts. There is not an option to select which will travel from Insightly to Google. Hope this helps to clarify :)

  • We have a paid account but I do not see the button to open a support ticket, please contact me and let me know when it's fixed.

    Thank you, 

    Tina Gadd


  • Hi Tina:

    Can you try logging out and then log back in? Let me know if that works, thanks!

  • it now works, thank you for your help!

  • Thanks for circling back Tina!

  • I am on a paid plan but cannot see the Help Ticket button.



  • Hi Eappleman:

    I see your ticket with our support team, someone will reach out to you through there!

  • Thank you- the button is now there. 

  • No button for me to get support either.


    The live chat available on Really simple systems, is starting to make their offering preferable

  • Tried logging out and logging in again 3 times, even changed the password


  •  I cannot see my System Settings option. It does not show up on the drop down box, top right. I have 'User Settings', but not 'System Settings'

  • Hi,


    I am trying to unlink my account from Google Apps as I have changed my domain. It's very annoying that you do not offer live support. The only way I have managed to do it is by adding a new user (and paying) and then removing the Google Apps user and transferring all the tasks etc to the new user. I now need a refund on the new user I have just paid for. Please can you contact me to discuss this.

    Also even though I am a paid user I cannot access direct support which is why I am using this form.

  • Hi Stuart & Miles,

    Zendesk is on a different platform so we sometimes have to manually make updates in order for them to communicate with each other. Can you try refreshing now? You should be able to see the Support option now.


  • Alfred,

    Non Admins will not have the option to see System Settings. You will need to ask your Account Owner or an Admin within your account to provide you those permissions.

  • I can't see the button to submit a ticket.  Please help.  I urgently need to integrate MailChimp and our Insighly account and the integration won't work.

  • Hi Joellen,

    You will only see the "Submit a Request" if you are signed in to our Help Center using the same email address that you use for Insightly and we recognize you as a paid user.

    Can you share a screenshot or what's happening when you try to integrate MailChimp?

  • Hello, 

    I don't see any option to submit a support ticket while logged in.  I have a question related to our account's billing, and I don't want to post it in the community forums.  (By the way, How come you don't have an email support option?)

    I'd like to get back on the same subscription plan my company was on initially...before our credit card info changed.  Now I only see per user pricing...I believe we were on a flat-fee account before? 


  • Hi Tab:

    I'm going to open a ticket for your so our Billing team can look at this. Be on the look out for a separate email :)

  • Hi I don't see a submit a ticket option. 

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