How To Get Help In Our Insightly Help Center

Welcome to the Insightly Help Center! There are 4 ways to find answers while you’re here.

1. Read our help articles. Our official help articles are a great reference when you need an answer immediately. Use the search bar and we’ll suggest matching articles as you type or click the Help Articles link from the home page to access our entire library.

2. Watch how-to videos and webinars. Click the Videos & Webinars link on the home page to view our short instructional videos or take a webinar tour through Insightly. If you’re on a paid Insightly plan and have logged in, you'll also see our premium live webinars that you can attend.

3. Ask a question in the Community. Insightly team members and Insightly Heroes are in our Community to answer your questions and share their tips and best practices. Click the Community Discussions link on the home page and join the conversation! You can ask a question by clicking the +New post button* or use the search bar to find answers in existing Community posts.

*Sign in note: You’ll need to sign in or create a Help Center account to post a question or leave a comment. If you've never opened up a Help Center account please use the same login email you currently use to log in to Insightly. If you've forgotten your password click the reset password in the Sign In page.

4. Submit a Help Ticket. If you’re on a paid Insightly plan, you can submit a request to receive email support from our Customer Support team. Once you’ve signed in (see note above regarding Sign in), you’ll see an orange “Submit a request” button on the top right next to your profile name on the home page. If your paid account is active and you cannot see this button, please let us know in the comments field below.

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  • I need to submit a ticket but don't see the orange button. Please help!

  • Hi there Beck SEO Copywriting,

    Any chance you're logged into our Help Center with a different email address than you are currently using to login to Insightly? If so, will you sign out and then sign back in to our Help Center with the correct email address tied to your paid account? Once you do this you'll be able to see the options for your paid account. Thanks!

  • Hello

    I do not see the orange button to submit a help ticket. 

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Anna:

    Can you try logging in and out again to see if that clears things up? Thanks!

  • Hi there, I am a paid user but don't see the submit ticket options

  • Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for letting us know!  I've corrected the issue with your account, so you should be all set. :)

  • No 'submit a request' button to be seen when logged in. Kindly resolve, so that I can reach out to you with a question regarding payments.

  • Hi Info Info,

    It looks like your account was improperly tagged.  This has been corrected, and you should be able to submit a request now. :)

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  • No submit a request button for me either.  

  • Hi Brock:

    I replied to you in your other comment in this thread and it looks like you were assisted in your ticket too :)

  • How do you sign into the help center ?

  • You would think signing in once would be enough.

  • Hello Brock:

    You are able to post so you are already signed in :) Insightly's Knowledge Base and Community are hosted by Zendesk so there will be 2 different log ins. I also have my most recent response in this thread to you here too:



  • No "Submit a Ticket" option button

  • Hi Debi,

    If you have a paid Insightly account, you're able to submit a ticket.  The one caveat is that you need to be signed into Insightly Support using the email address associated with your Insightly account (the one you use to login).  

    If you have a paid Insightly account, we've already created an Insightly Support account for you.  Simply reset the password for that email address and you'll be all set. :)

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