Contact /Organization Activity reporting

 I would like to run a report that shows contact or organizations that have not had activity within a designiated period of time. Ideally just verifying that we are touching each contact monthly that is in our database. Is this feasible?



  • Hello Ryan, 

    Thanks for your message here! Unfortunately at this time there isn't a way to automatically run a report to give this sort of information. What some users do is create a custom field that says 'Last Date Contacted' and although it is manual to update, it is easy to run a report that shows the last time someone was officially communicated to. This is something we are looking into however so definitely great feedback!


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  • Yes, I find that unbelievably frustrating!  (I've asked about this too request #130091 about 4 days after yours Ryan) I'm kind of surprised that what seems such an obvious requirement in a CRM is not possible.

    I do this by exporting to Excel a list of all our organizations then a list of all completed tasks for a period then using vlookup to compare the two (organizations that return nothing with the vlookup turn red).  It should be possible a the push of a button though.


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