Custom currencies (or "units", "credits" as a quick fix)

This suggestion is the result of a discussion in the troubleshooting section.

It would be great to be able to designate custom currencies and I agree with Roger that a first step in that direction could be adding "unit" (and may I add "credits") into the list of currencies. It could be done in 5 seconds and would not get in the way of anyone who does not need it. It's just like adding a new currency when a new currency pops up somewhere on the globe.

Of course "units" is still not ideal, but given that it requires no effort at all, could you please....?

Or is it that you want to stick with the ISO 4217 currency codes and units would mess up that logic? Well, I'm happy to say that the ISO 4217 currency code for "No currency" is XXX. So you could use XXX and the word "unit(s)".

I know, the proper way would be to just provide a couple of custom currencies for the user to fill in, but before this gets dragged on infinitely, I'd rather have this quick fix.

BTW, Roger, I like your example with gallons (which would be litres in my world) as is shows that even in the business world, not everything is measured in money. I can add that for a non-profit, an opportunity might be about mobilizingpeople or signatures or participants or free airtime. Or as an author you might be interested in the number of books distributed or page views on your blog rather than the revenue coming from that. So the list of "currencies" that users might want is potentially infinite.



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  • In our case, the "currency" is megawatts, just to add another dimension!

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