Clarify the search logic when filtering based on tags

I did this filter today which yielded apparently false results:

So the idea was to display only those contacts that do not have a "Friends" tag. But at least some records with Friends tags were nevertheless displayed (see screenshot).

The only way for me to make sense of this is that "Contact Tag" in this module actually means "Contact Tag List" (as the term is used in the Reports module). In other words, it regards the whole list of tags attached to each record as a single field and then "Berlin, Friends" is obviously "not equal" "Friends".

So in order to get the correct result, the filter needs to be 

Filter by Contact Tag not contains 'Friends'

I therefore suggest to clarify this by changing the Field name from "Contact Tag" to "Contact Tag List" (I didn't check, but I assume similar changes are necessary in Leads, Organizations etc). This would make it easier for the user to build the correct filter and avoid mistakes. And it would also be coherent with the way filters are built in the Reporting module.




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  • Christoph, sorry it took us a while to get back to you. This is a very good catch, and I've submitted this request for improvement for prioritization. Thank you for describing it here in great detail, right you are.

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