How do I set/change the primary email address for a contact?

In some of my imported records, the first email is a personal email address and in some it is a work email. How can I set or change which one is the primary one (and should hence be used in emails etc)?

More specifically:

1. how can I do it manually when editing a single record? (It would make sense to drag and drop one above the other, but that doesn't work)

2. How can I do it in multiple emails at once?



  • There is no concept of a primary email address in Insightly (as far as I can tell). You would just select the email type that is relevant e.g. home, work, etc

    When you send an email through the schedule email area you select the contact to add and the dropdown list you are given is for all emails on that record so for example if I search for my record, I will see multiple entries if I have multiple emails on my record even though I only have one Insightly contact record.

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    Thanks David. Maybe "primary email address" wasn't the right term. What I am refering to is the email that is displayed underneath the Name in the contacts list or that I can select as "Email Address" in filters (I realize that in bulk edit first email and second email address are being distinguished).

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