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On the calendar section when I add an event I wish there was a phone number section just like the location section. I use the calendar to schedule my service techs to go out to different service calls a few times a day. I like the feature that when I add the full address into the location when the service tech is on the way he can use the mobile app to click the location icon and it will take him right to the maps with directions. I would love to be able to call the customer using the phone icon in the event just like the location icon.

I have been told from insightly support that I can use the phone icon if I add the phone number to the location section but unfortunately then the location would not be correct for the maps to work. So was wondering if anyone else has found a work around that will let you use the location in the maps and be able to use the phone icon to call the customer with the click of one button. And if there are no other work around it would be nice if insightly could look into adding a phone icon along with the location icon. 



  • Hi there,

    If you include the phone number in the Details section, it should make it a "live" link, so to speak, so that when you pull up the event on your phone, you can just press the phone number and it will allow you to call. I tested this on my phone and it worked but I have a windows phone so I had to use the site (there is no Insightly windows app).

    I also tested it in the LOCATION field on my iPad and you are able to select the phone icon and it asks "call now" or "facetime" as you've already heard from Insightly support. I assume the behavior would be the same on an iPhone. 

    Lastly, I tried putting BOTH the phone and address into Location and while this works for the maps, when you use the phone icon it includes the numbers from the address in the phone number as well. 

    An option for you might be to LINK the organization or contact to the event, if their address is the one you'd like to use. Then you can easily select the linked org or contact, see the address and use the map from there.

    I can try to include some screens from my iPad to show you. 

    I hope this helps!

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