Notes Spread Between Tasks/Opportunities/Profiles etc.

The one issue I have organizing all of my records in Insightly is the lack of coordination of notes between all the different places they can be stored.

For example, I make several notes on the profile of a contact.  But that contact also has a Task and Opportunity attached to it.  So one user records notes in the Opportunity, one records notes in the Task and one records notes on the user profile itself.  These notes are not coordinated and we all miss information because we don't know where details are being stored.

Is it possible to see a list of total notes on an individual?  Can they all be stored in one place?  This should be a top priority for a CRM, information should be organized and easy to find.  Thanks!



  • Hi Jordan,

    One thing that may help is linking! You can always link a note to any contact or organization. If  you get in the habit of always linking, those notes will show up in both the contact and organization. 


    You CAN also link within a task, but those are comments in the body of the task and won't link the same way. You can still access the task from a contact or org if it is linked, but the notes won't be there. I believe the intent there is for any comments around that specific task (i.e. call cell phone first, only available in the AM, etc.)

    Here is more info on Linking. I hope this helps!


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  • Hi Jordan -

    Agreed that information can be spread in different places depending on the user - it's like someone else started working at your desk. Since there are multiple ways to do things, setting up some best practices among your users can help. Gather the user community, and look at the major categories of things where you take notes - and decide as a group how you will handle it. For example, in our business we do events where there are business results - and so the notes could be put in the event description, a note associated with an organization, the organization description etc.  There is no "right" answer, any of these can work just fine, but much better if everyone is attempting to do in the same way!  In the same way if you "name" your notes with some conventions, it makes it easier to find in global search if all else fails :)

    To help people to adopt this practice show them how doing it consistently will benefit them personally - as well as you and everyone else in the organization!


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