Using BCC

Can someone please tell me what happens if you bcc someone not on your database - does it add them as a contact, does it get rejected if it gets rejected can you get a lot of those not added?




  • If you send an email to someone who is NOT in Insightly and BCC your Insightly email address, a contact is automatically added, usually with the email address as the name and the domain as an organization.I have one sales person who will use this method to add people and then go back and populate the rest of the info. But I'm not sure this is what you're asking.

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  • Amanda is correct.

    I recommend filtering through contacts added in the last 7 days once a week and do the following:

    1. Delete any unneeded contacts

    2. Correct the contact names

    3. Add any other contact information that I have for them. 

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