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Hello loyal Insightly users!

I'm John, and I recently joined the Insightly team in San Francisco.

My purpose at Insightly is to make videos -- videos to teach new users how to be power-users, videos to teach power-users how to be superpower-users, and even some videos just to distract you from your job for a few minutes. (Those are the most fun to make.)

Before making any videos though, I wanted to learn more about you and about how you see Insightly. Armed with your insights, I'll be able to make better decisions when it comes to scripts, look, feel, voiceover talent, animation style, and lots of other elements that go into a video. Basically, we'll be able to avoid any JarJar Binks-type fiascos.

What do you think? If you wouldn't mind lending your two cents, begin the survey now!

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As a little sweetener, we will randomly select three survey respondents to receive a care package of Insightly swag.

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  • Insightly has videos and swag?

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  • Hi Larry - if you'll click on the Videos & Webinars link from our Help Center home page you'll see all of our how-to videos and webinar recordings. If you're on a paid Insightly plan you'll also have access to our live webinars sections. And yes! We love giving out Insightly swag. Just look for promotions, like this one, in our Community. Thanks! 

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  • Can I get someone from insightly to setup my account and workflow for me?

    I want to tell someone my workflow, then the setup insightly for me.

    Im using now, can I import my opportunities and cases into insightly?

    Call me #XXX.XXX.XXXXxXXX

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  • Hi Brad,

    I hope you don't mind, but I've removed your phone number from your post.  This is a public forum, and we want to make sure that your private information remains secure.

    While Insightly doesn't provide any services to set up your account and workflow on your behalf, we do offer many resources to help you get started.  We have a fantastic Getting Started guide to go over much of the basics, along with many videos and webinars you can watch for more information.  Specifically, you may find our Getting Started in Insightly Live Webinar very helpful.

    If you still need help after going through that information, I'd recommend that you post to our Troubleshooting and Tips page and I can direct some of our Insightly Heroes to assist you.  Some of them do consulting work and may be willing to help you with setting your account up as well. 

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