Linking new tasks to projects on mobile app

When I add tasks on the phone application, is there a way to link them to my projects? I have not been able to figure this out and was wondering if it is even possible?



  • Hi Scott, yes there is a way. When you are in the phone app, open up a task and you will see three tabs "Details", "Links" and "Related", go to a tab "Links" and tap a plus sign. You will see a list of projects to select from, tap on a project and the link will be added to a task. 

  • HI Maria,

    1. We are having an issue now on the ipad.  When you try to link a contact/organization/etc if I click on the item, nothing shows up except a blank screen.  When I use it on my iphone, there are not problems and I can link contacts without a problem.  I've tried this on an IPAD air with the latest IOS, and IPAD pro with the latest IOS.  It works fine on the iphone 6s with latest and I phone 6 plus with IOS8.

    Anyone else having this issue?


  • Thanks for sending this over Drew, we are looking into this and will keep you posted through here.

  • I cant get into my iphone

  • Sorry to hear that Lilbougie05.

    Are you getting an error message when logging in? If you are, a screenshot of the error would be helpful for us to investigate.. 

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