Please, please, please have everything link automatically...Please!

Hi there! :-)

Is there any way to automatically have Insightly link everything together for a specific organization/contact/opportunity etc without having to do it manually every.single.time something is added or changed?

Any contacts that fill out an application form are automatically entered into our Insighly CRM. 

From there, we create a "New Opportunity" for that contact and make sure the "New Opportunity" is linked with their Organization and Contact info.

Then we add Notes, and again we need to make sure the Notes are linked with the New Opportunity, their Contact info and Organization.

Every time we send an email, we need to go back and make sure that email is linked with their Opportunity, their Contact info, and their Organization.

Every single time we set a new Task, we need to make sure it is linked with their Opportunity, their Contact info and their Organization. 

We have pipelines set up through the Opportunities feature, that will automatically trigger specific tasks depending on the stage. 

It is soooooo frustrating when every single time a new Task is created we need to manually go in and make sure the task is linked with their Contact info, their Organization and linked to the New Opportunity we created. 

You can imagine how unbelievably tedious it gets when a pipeline stage triggers 10-12 tasks per contact/organization/opportunity and we have to go in and manually make sure everything is linked accordingly. O_o



  • I agree! I spend a lot of my day manually adding contacts and organizations to tasks or opportunities/projects. I don't mind doing it...but if I didn't have to it would free up some time.

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  • We are having a issue that the organization doesn't show up on the task page, along with the email. We used to be able to click the email and send an email from Insightly. Not able to now, because emails are not listed on top of the organization page. Only on the contact page.

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  • Hello Kathy,

    Can you provide a screenshot as an example showing where you would see the Org in your Task view? Please blur out any sensitive data. 

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