June 2016 Product Updates

See below for the latest product improvements to Insightly based on the Ideas and Suggestions from customers here in our Community.

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1. Cloning custom fields

Customers can clone custom fields by copying over their field types and values between objects, without having to manually duplicate all the properties of a custom field each time. So now, any fields you have in one section such as leads, can be easily copied over into another section such as opportunities, with a click of a button.


2. Custom field mapping

You can now transfer custom field information from the lead to the opportunity, contact, and organization when converting a lead. This is done by mapping the custom fields in the different record types as shown below. To get step-by-step instructions, see our help article on Copying Custom Fields Values from Leads to Records.

The ability to copy over custom fields is also available when converting an opportunity to a project. By mapping custom fields, Insightly will transfer the information from the opportunity custom field to the project custom field when the opportunity is converted. See the steps in our help article Copying Custom Field Values from Opportunities to Projects


3. Deleting a converted lead

You can now also delete converted leads in Insightly on either a single lead record via a menu option under the actions menu, or in bulk by selecting leads from the last and choosing to delete them from the toolbar button.


4. Adding an email address to search results for Contacts

There is now the option of entering an email address in the text search field in Contacts to easily search for a contact of choice.


5. Outlook 2016 now works with Insightly’s Outlook app

Customers with Outlook 2016 can now utilize the Insightly app which gives you the ability to:

  • Save a copy of an incoming email message to Insightly.
  • Create a new contact record.
  • Link to related organizations when saving an e-mail.
  • View details, linked organizations, and recent history for existing Insightly contacts.
  • Create tasks, opportunities, projects, events.


6. PieSync offers dual contact sync with Outlook
PieSync is tool for Insightly customers looking for two-way contact sync with applications such as Google contacts, Outlook, Mailchimp and social media. The PieSync integration is easy to get set up so that you can start syncing info right away.



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  • Thanks for all the work your team does! I must say that your calendar sync with Google Calendar may sway me away from Highrise. 

    On another note...

    I keep seeing many CRM companies mentioning PieSync but failing to mention the ENORMOUS cost! Sorry but a contact sync program shouldn't cost the same or more than your CRM!! 

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