Better email integration: monitor a specific folder

It has been suggested before that it would be great if insightly could support automatic email forwarding and you have been very clear that you deliberately don't want to do that because "because invariably some emails you receive you may not wish to share with other users on your account, and some emails like social networking notifications, emails from friends or spam messages may not be appropriate for storage in a shared contact management system." 

Fair enough. But I still think there is room for improvement without going all the way of having insightly capture all my emails.

Here is my suggestion: How about you let users specify a particular folder in their email account which insightly will monitor and import any email it finds there? That would make it very easy for users to forward email to insightly for several reasons:

  1. moving/copying an email into a folder is very easy and can be automated based on rules.
  2. In Outlook, you can create a quick action with keyboard shortcut for that too. 
  3. Since newer versions of Outlook no longer allow users to "always bcc this email", it is quite an annoying task to forward sent emails to insightly.Moving a copy of every sent email to a particular folder is not a problem though. So also that problem would be solved.
  4. This would also allow users who currently cannot use the Outlook add-on because they are on Office365 Home or just have an ordinary IMAP account, to finally integrate their email with insightly.

What do you think?



  • I just found another problem that would be solved by direct import from an imap folder: currently, with the forwarded emails, inisghtly obviously has to parse the whole email do identify sender and recipients. Unfortunately, it isn't able to distinguish between the forwarded email and previous emails included in that email (to which the forwarded email was a reply). This means that if I send out an email to a group of, say, 20 people and one of the replies to me directly (not reply all), if I then forward this reply to insightly, it will link it to all the 20 original email recipients of my email (because their email addresses are "quoted" in the email i received. But of course, this shouldn't be the case because 19 of these 20 people knows nothing about this email. But if it shows up in their contact profile it looks like they also received it. You need to look very closely to understand that this was not the case.

    If insightly would pull these emails from an imap folder, it would just look at the email header and get the more accurate information with less effort.

    Any chance this will get implemented?

    UPDATE: And yet another advantage of the IMAP/folder method: in the forwarded emails the preview of the first line or two is useless because it just consists of the emails header. The only way to get a meaningful preview is by using the Outlook/Gmail plugin. But the problem with at least the Outlook plugin is that it removes all formatting from the email and scrambles it into one big pile of text that is rather difficult to read (someone else mentioned this here in the forum, but I can't find it anymore).

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  • There is hope!  Check out the bottom of this thread:

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