Display correct email receive-times

When insightly lists emails in the emails module or a project, organization, contact etc, it displays them as received the time when they were received on the insightly server. Like this:

This email was received by insightly two minutes ago. But it was received days ago in the actual recipient's inbox. This is not only confusing because the time when it was received by insightly is completely irrelevant but also because this can lead to situations where emails show up in a completely arbitrary order if users don't forward them to insightly in the right order (the more users are involved, the less likely they will actually do the forwarding in the order that they received them. But even a single user may forget to forward an email, realize it later and that email will then for ever be listed in the wrong spot in the thread. 

So I'd like to suggest that the original receive time be displayed in insightly. Insightly is great in parsing the recipients so it shouldn't be a problem to parse the time and date, right?





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