Improved MailChimp integration

Hi everyone,

We’ve been hard at work for our customers and are happy to share the news that work on Insightly's new MailChimp integration has been completed. 

Now you can:

  • Send one to one emails to communicate with your qualified leads.
  • View MailChimp campaign statistics for a contact's or lead's lists.
  • Import MailChimp subscribers as leads or contacts from your campaign lists or list segments. 
  • Export contacts or leads from Insightly to your MailChimp lists.
  • Update MailChimp member information with your CRM data. 
  • Schedule an import of MailChimp subscribers from one of your lists or segments on a regular basis.

To learn more, access our library of MailChimp help articles and sign up for our live webinar, Take your Marketing to the Next Level - Insightly's New and Improved MailChimp Integration



The Insightly team



  • Hi there. I get the following error when clicking on the MailChimp icon from an Insightly contact

    500. That's an error.

    We have logged this error and notified our developers.

    That's all we know.

    Hemos registrado este error y hemos notificado a nuestros desarrolladores.

    Registramos o erro em log e notificamos aos nossos desenvolvedores.

    Nous avons bien enregistré cette erreur et prévenu nos développeurs.


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  • Hi Colin,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    I haven't been able to replicate this. Is this occurring with all of your Contacts when you click on the MailChimp icon?

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  • I like the individual campaign stats - that's going to be helpful, thank you.

    Are there any plans to allowing exporting to Mailchimp *groups* rather than static segments?  Our entire contact list is already in Mailchimp but we create groups to mail to certain sets of people based on location (for geographically relevant meetings for example).

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  • Hi Graham,

    So glad you like the improvement! Our team continually monitors which ideas are accumulating votes and comments here in the community so they'll know what's important to our customers. If an idea sees enough activity it will be brought up for consideration. I found this MailChimp suggestion that's similar to what you're asking for - Export Contacts to MailChimp group or segment if you'd like to show your support! Thanks!

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  • It would be nice to see mailchimp stats for organizations based on the contacts that are linked to it. 

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