July 2016 Product Updates

On the heels of our June 2016 Product Updates, we are pleased to announce four more product improvements that came directly from suggestions submitted to the Insightly Community. Please continue to vote for those ideas that matter to you!

1. Cloning an Activity Set

It is now possible to duplicate an activity set from your System Settings > Activity Sets page. Our help article, How to clone an Activity Set will walk you through the steps.

 2. Ability to apply Activity Sets in bulk

For more information, see How to apply an Activity Sets and Updating multiple records with bulk editing.

3. Cloning a Project or Opportunity

Now you can take an existing project or opportunity and use it as a template to make a new one. See how to do this our our help article, How to clone a project or opportunity

4. Added abilities the rich edit controls for Activity Sets and Task descriptions

Added the ability to change the font size and add hyperlinks in Activity Sets as well as the ability to bold, italicize, and create bulleted lists in Task descriptions.




  • I'm disappointed not to see a real improvement in activity sets by being able to set them up with repeating tasks. This, as well as repeating projects, is a feature I requested probably a couple of years ago now. Both would be a big time saver for many. If they can't be done, please be honest and say so.

    But at least I can change the font in the description now - no idea how I lived without that essential feature *rolls eyes*.

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  • I would like to thank Anthony and the Insightly team for adding a feature that we lobbied for, but which is not listed above.  

    You can now attach activity sets to Milestones.  

    We have a common set of building blocks that make up the projects we do for our clients.  The tasks associated with each building block are always the same, so Activity Sets make perfect sense.  However, in order to use them previously, we had to make each building block a separate Project in Insightly.  With 30-40 clients and 10+ building blocks for each, that quickly became unmanageable.  We can now make the entire client project a single Project w/in Insightly, make each building block a Milestone within that project, and easily apply the appropriate Activity Set to each Milestone.  Simple, effective and the way it should be.  

    My team and I REALLY appreciate your doing this.  One bug remains - within the milestone view, tasks are displaying in random, rather than chronological, order.  I have submitted a ticket on that, and I'm sure you'll get it fixed.  That one issue aside, Insightly now works for us.  Again, we appreciate it very much.

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  • With all the many issues with high vote counts - THESE are the items that get focus?  You've lost us.  We are looking for another product ASAP.

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  • Hi Molly, 

    I understand your frustration and sorry to hear you're considering to leave Insightly. These updates are from July 2016 and have all been implemented in our product awhile ago.

    We take feedback seriously as it has driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years just like the ones on this above. We believe it's a vital part of making Insightly better. Just this year alone, we delivered on Dashboards, new Admin layout, added new custom field types, and page layouts. Your votes do matter.

    But just like any tech company, Our Product and Engineering teams look at all the ideas and suggestions based on alignment with our product strategy and roadmap, the number of customers to benefit, and cost and time to develop it. We simply can't get to everything.

    We are currently focusing to bring Custom Objects for our next release. We are also looking into some other highly voted features like Set Column Widths and adding Print functionality. As always, we appreciate your feedback and votes.


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