Looking for someone to help me set up my Insightly CRM - preferably UK based

Hi there,

I am after some help with setting up my Insightly CRM for sales, customer management, sales pipelines etc.. I have been trying to use it for the last year and tried to customise myself but I am really struggling.

We are only a small business - currently employ 3 people and are UK based so would prefer someone who is based in the UK is possible!

If you think you can help me please email me at amyers@myersmotoraccessories.com






  • I am based in the UK and happy to help but I would be interested in knowing which areas of the application you are struggling with. The vast majority of issues encountered are the same wherever you are in the world so by describing them here you are much more likely to get a better answer than relying on a smaller pool of UK people.

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  • Hi Anna, 

    I just sent you an email. Do you have any specific questions we can answer for you on the forum?


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  • Get with David or Erin. Both total rockstars. If they are not available, call me. I'm NOT UK based however. I do speak British though. :)

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