Starting out

I wanted to know if there are satndard tasks or areas you have documented that I could just plug in to the areas.  My goal is to get a foundation of items in the pipeline, Activities, etc and then see how they all interact and develop out further.  


Right now I am just starting with the lead generation, sales and project conversion.


Thank you.   



  • Ronald
    There's a ton of training in the Help Center here. That said, I have found insightly tremendously intuitive and just went for it. Things just make sense and you'll learn fast. I've done a bunch of videos on this at also.

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  • Hi Ronald,

    I agree with Eric.  Insightly is incredibly user friendly and adaptable.  You will get the best use out of it by setting it up for your needs and processes, which may be different from someone else's. It may seem overwhelming at first (I thought so) but once you jump in you realize it's not.

    My advice is to watch some of the videos, map out what you want to track and how, via pipelines, activities, and tasks, and then set some up.  It's the very easy to make adjustments and fine tune things as you go.


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