Let Users Create Custom Task Statuses

I'd like to incorporate a way to check on my users' work when they complete tasks, so it would be useful to create a customer "approved" task status to differentiate between those tasks and those that are just "completed" (but not approved). Does anyone else feel this way, or have another custom task status they would like to see?

Meanwhile, my workaround is to create a project entitled "Nate's Approved Tasks" and link that when the task is complete, which would then work with a custom report to show recently completed but not approved tasks by all of my users. However, this doesn't work properly! I'll write about that in another post.



  • Get's my vote. In fact, I think it would be handy for all statuses to support custom values. Leads, Projects, Opportunities, Tasks. Some do and some don't. It adds a lot of flexibility when customising workflows, and reduces "task overwhelm". For example, instead of having a task to remind you to do something specific to move a process along, you could run a report to identify all items that remain in a given status. I have some clients that do this to ensure their leads are turning over quickly enough.

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  • Second this motion.

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