Why can I NOT see "Manage Tags" when I am looking at my contact?

It would seem that all the posts and tips show screen shots that have a "Manager Tags" beside the Contact Name however in my FREE version there is no such option. 

Can someone comment on this?  Possibly shed some light? 

Thanks in advance for the help. 



  • Hi Gary, the option is actually "Add Tags". I think it used to be "Manage Tags" – didn't notice that it changed! Anyway, it's certainly available in the free version and all others. You could also try selecting one or more items from the list view and adding tags that way. See screen shot.

  • Hi Gary, 

    Just to add to Peter's comment, the "Add Tags" option is available when you are within the contact (and it did used to be "Manage Tags" I hadn't noticed the change either!). The functionality of Add Tags is the same:


    Which pulls up this:

    I hope this helps!

  • I'd like to move a contact from one tag to another and cant seem to do it with the Add tag.


    In otherwords, I have a contact that is both TAG A & also in TAG B. And I would like to completely remove it from TAG A but keep it in TAG B, without having to delete TAG A.

    Can someone advise, please!

  • To remove a tag, you'll need to go into Bulk Edit. After filtering for all the contacts who are tagged with Tag A and Tag B, you select all and the click Bulk Edit:

    Once you select Bulk Edit, check the box that says Remove Tags and select the tag you wish to remove:

    The other tags will stay intact and the one you've selected will be removed. I hope this helps!

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