sort leads according to various criteria

Good day , 
I would like to sort leads according to various criteria.
The most important function would be to sort by creation date.
What are the options?
best regards


  • Hi David:

    There isn't a default sort option for this but Date Created can be used in Custom Filters or in Advanced Reporting. Once you segment your data you can even Exporting from Insightly to a CSV file.

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  • The filter function is not working.

    I tried to create a filter with Date Created in Last 2 Quarters AND Lead Status not Closed. 

    I can filter on Date Created, but then I get ALL my leads - open and closed. (NOT USEFUL!!!)

    When I enter the second filter condition, Lead Status not closed (I've tried: Contains "OPEN" - that fails; not contain "CLOSED" - that fails). In short, there is no way I can see to create a SIMPLE filter: show me my leads, by date created, that are still open. 

    Sorry Insightly, but it is RIDICULOUS that you guys, a CRM company, don't have an automatic sort order for this type of view. Its one of the most common views that people in sales want to see. I'm frankly not sure that i want to continue to invest my learning curve into Insightly when you appear to have no one on staff who has actually USED a CRM system as a salesperson would.

    But, fix this problem and I might be easily made happy again! :)

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  • Hi Jeff,

    I apologize for the frustration.

    One thing you can try is to Filter by All Open Leads > select all the records that come up > add a Bulk Tag.

    Once you have added the Tag you can create a Custom Filter with a Date Created AND the Tag.

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  • Hi Nora

    Thanks for the tip. I am impressed with your quick response - thank you!

    As a temporary workaround, that could work. But whenever I enter a new lead, i'm back with the same problem.

    The solution here cannot be manually adding a tag to every lead i enter.

    Is this issue something you're referring to your developers? For immediate attention, I hope?

    This is a fairly major oversight to leave out a way to order leads by some priority scale defined by the user. I'm actually stunned that this problem exists on a site built as a CRM.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Our Product Development team definitely reviews all feature requests. I would suggest adding this to Ideas & Suggestions.

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  • Nora,

    Could you please add this to the suggestions & ideas list, rather than asking me to do it?

    I'm not sure why you would ask your customers to spend their time reporting issues that you, a representative of Insightly, are now aware of. I kind of thought that might be part of the customer service that Insightly offers???

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  • Hi there Jeff:

    The great thing about Ideas & Suggestions is that these are thoughts submitted by your peers rather than an Insightly team member. This is the reason why we ask this of you, as it builds our Community.

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  • Hi.

    I would like/need the ability to sort leads (and ops and proj as well) by 'Date of Last Activity'

    Is there a way I can do that?  I need to do it for weekly reports on productivity (export) but also daily to make sure no one gets too inundated and no one gets left behind.


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  • Hi Wafloy Mountain Village,

    You can definitely do this. You will need to create two separate list views on your leads, opportunities, and projects.

    1. Go to an object and click the gear icon and select Add New List View.
    2. Fill in the New View Name and select your Sharing Settings. Click Save List View.

    Next, you will need to create filters for your list view. 

    1. Add filters to your list by clicking on the funnel icon and then clicking on Add a Filter Row. To hide the filter section, click on the funnel icon again.

    These are the filters you will need to create:

    1. Date of last activity - equal to - Value=today
    2. Date of last activity - equal to - Value=Last Week

    Make sure these are not in the same list view. In total, you will create 6 list views (two per each object type) to get the data you need.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you need any other information.

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