unable to edit contact in android app

I have tried refreshing, signing off and back on...and nothing seems to work. 

I push the edit button, it goes into the edit screen, I make my changes and go to save.....then it takes forever before it says "failed to save record" with an option to cancel or retry. I've tried many times to retry and it always fails. It is a big inconveniance to have to go back to the office and edit the contact from the PC. (which does work).

Please Help!



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  • Hi Melissa:

    Can you share the following with us so we can investigate?

    • A screenshot of the error message
    • The version of Insightly that you are on
    • The version of the Apple iOS or Android OS you are using. Here's were to look in case you need help

    You can find that in Settings > General > About > Version.

    1) The make and model of your device.
    2) The Android version. To find the version of your Android OS, go to Settings > About Phone/About Tablet > Android Version.




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