Editing of Insightly Tasks from Outlook

As this Insightly help article states,

"Tasks and milestones cannot be added or edited from your Google or Exchange calendar; you may only edit these items from Insightly."


It's super nice to be able to just pull an email into your calendar and turn it into a task or event in Outlook. Can you please consider allowing us to edit our insightly tasks from Outlook?


Even better, if our insightly Tasks could just sync directly with Outlook tasks that would be awesome!





  • I wrote this in July... it's November now.

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  • I choose Insightly as understood this was a feature that was offered, i am really disappointed this is not the case and to me makes the whole project / tasks in insightly useless!

    Please escalate this feature as we wont be adding users to our account, simply looking for alternatives.

    Please can we also change fonts in Emails; they look like they were written when email was invented with the option available!


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