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When sending mass emails, I would like to keep track of who received a particular email and I use tags to achieve this. But I have to add the tags manually to the recipients of the email, and I can never be sure that I really tagged all the recipients (and only those), especially, when their selection followed a more complex procedure.

So it would be great to have an option on the email page that would say something like "Add tag to recipients" and when you activate it, you can specify the name of the tag that you want added. Once the email is sent (or scheduled to be sent), the tags are automatically applied.



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  • I would like to see this PLUS better integration of Email and Contact Tags, so that when adding a tag to an email it is automatically available from the contact.

    My use case is that once emails have been sent to contacts, I review the activity and assign either an OPENED or UNOPENED tag to the email.  The next step is to resend the email to those who did not open, BUT I currently have to manually open each email, click on the contact, edit the contact, and apply the tag before I select the contacts for resend.  

    If the tags on the email automatically appeared on the contact tag list (or another field called Contact Email Tag List) it would be very helpful.

    I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from this sort of integration between the Contact Tags and the Email tags.

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