August 2016 Product Updates

Here are the product enhancements for August so far! We'll be adding to this post as more improvements are released.

Watch our New Features Summer 2016 recorded webinar to see all the new features and enhancements within Insightly that we released this Summer 2016.


1. Recycle Bin

If records are accidentally deleted, you can use the new Recycle Bin to to recover, retrieve, or undelete them. Read our How to restore or remove items from the Recycle Bin help article to find out how.


2. Next and Last Activity Dates

Keep track of records that haven't had a recent activity by using our Date of Last Activity and Date of Next Activity to create custom filters or custom reports. Our help article, What are the Next Activity and Last Activity Dates? explains these two new fields.


3. Automatically Shift Tasks & Events When a Project’s Milestone date is changed.

Now, if the date of a milestone changes then Insightly will also change all subsequent tasks, events and milestones based on the amount of days between the task/event and the milestone date. Learn more with our help article, Editing a Milestone.


4. SOC 2 Compliance 

Insightly is now service organization controls 2 (SOC2) compliant, further ensuring security and privacy for customer data.


5. Xero Integration

We’ve also improved our Xero Integration so that it now supports multi-line invoices. You no longer need to generate multiple invoices just to send one bill with multiple lines.


6. Additional Fields in Advanced Reporting

We've added 32 new fields to Advanced Reporting so you can build even more powerful reports to get the answers you need. Below are just a few of the new fields you'll see. Click here to see the complete list.
Check out our CRM Reporting Guide to learn about building advance reports.


  • Add First Linked Contact Name

  • Add First Linked Organization Name
Leads Activity Report
  • Added ‘Lead Source’

  • Added ‘State’ field for current Lead State

Contact Activity Report

  • Add Primary Linked ‘Organization Name’

  • Add ‘Date Completed’ for tasks

  • Add ‘Date Reminder’ for tasks


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  • When will you add repeating events?

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  • I would like to link organization addresses to contacts. This way I dont have to type an addess multiple times for multiple contacts.

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  • Hi Jonathan, 

    I found this suggestion for Set Repeating Events if you'd like to vote it up and show your support.

    Hi Andrés,

    Our help article on Copying an organization's address to a contact will explain how to easily accomplish what you're asking for above. :)




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  • I'm always happy to see new additions. However, we're still missing one very basic feature on their mobile app; the ability to import contacts/leads from the mobile device. Any idea when that will happen?


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  • Hi Sandro:

    Google Contacts sync (available on all paid plans) has the option to add contacts to your Google "My Contacts" group. When the contacts are in 'My Contacts' Group they will also be synced to phones and tablets.

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  • Hi Lyla,

    I appreciate your response. However, this is not at all the same thing.

    First, I don't believe that will work with Apple devices as the contacts in Apple device contacts are not normally synced to Google. 

    Secondly, more than anything, we're looking for a way to import a contact from a mobile device into the Insightly app. Your answer seems to be referring to a reverse action. Either way, it does not allow for importing contacts to Insightly directly from the phone/tablet.

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  • Hi Sandro:

    I did a quick Google search and found a couple articles that take you through setting up your Google Contacts on an Apple device. This article has all the steps. You may want to check to see if this process varies by version or device.

    You're right I read the request incorrectly. Someone else has requested this here, if you'd like to add your vote and comment. Our process for feature requests from our Community is also outlined in this article What happens when you post an idea to our Community.

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