Using Insightly to manage performance

Does anyone use Insightly to help manage their sales staff?  For example, making sure they are meeting customers and looking after all their accounts.

I can see a couple of ways I'd like to do it but I keep hitting brick walls with limitations in the advanced reporting feature.

I'd be interested to hear how others use Insightly for monitoring performance.



  • Hi Ben,

    My daily/weekly process is pretty informal, as I only have 1.5 sales persons to keep track of, but I thought I would share anyway.

    Every morning I take a quick scroll of the Home Page.  I'm looking for out of the ordinary activities - a note added to an Opportunity, anything marked "Lost" and why, things like that.  I drill down on these events to get more details. I love the home page!  I can very quickly see who worked on what, and when, and if I need to take a closer look at anything.

    Weekly, I will run an Opportunity Report for each person to get a quick look at where things are in the sales pipeline.  Anything that hasn't advanced within our typical sales window gets a closer look.  I will also randomly check tasks to make sure they are being completed.  Note - this only works when you have solid Pipelines & Activity Sets!

    I save advanced reporting for my mid-year and year end number crunching.  The reports are great for numerical stats, but there's so much more to the sales process that doesn't fit on a report. I find this method works best for me.

    Hope that helps!




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  • Hello Leah

    sorry for the slow reply, I've been away.  Thanks for that advice.  I've only got two sales people to manage as well.  I like the home page too and perhaps I should get myself into a routine for checking it daily as you do.  Perhaps I can't rely on just looking at it once a month to see where we're up to.

    I still think that, quite separate from monitoring sales people, it'll still be really helpful to be able to generate a report that tells us which organizations have not had any contact (completed task or opportunity) within a given time period.  That would generate a great list of people to call.

    Good advice though.  Thanks


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  • Thanks for the pointers Leah!

    Hi there Ben - You may want to check out the Ideas & Suggestions page to see if this has been submitted by another user and add your vote. If you don't find it, you can add a new thread :)



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