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I would like to send an email to 500 of my contacts with the bulk email in Insightly. The reason I would like to use Insightly instead of exporting my contacts and use outlook, is I want the email to be stored automatically in the history of all 500 contacts. The limit for bulk email however is 50 contacts. Is there a way to upgrade the amount of emails to be sent? And is it possible to put the 500 contacts in de BCC field instead of To?




  • Hi Susanne,

    Unfortunately, no matter the plan you're under you will only have the option to send out emails in batches of 50 at a time. We also don't have the option to bulk email using BCC; but even if the feature were available only the first 50 would be emailed out.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • I agree with Susanne. 

    This is a large issue for my company as well.  I could transfer the csv file then send the email through Outlook but if I do that then I lose the history of the email communication for all of the contacts.  I just spent an extra 4 hours clicking through the list to be able to send the emails to contacts, 50 at a time.  The cost of manpower spent is a loss to the project that we are working on.  Is the select all contacts (and email them all at the same time) a feature that may be planned and implemented soon?

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  • Hello Jessica,

    I see you are working with my colleague in regards to bulk email Contacts in a ticket that was created #191988. If you have further questions please reply back to his email. 

    Thanks for your patience!

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