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My company sells products to several shops across US and Canada. My goal is fto acquire more shops but more importantly, to retain them by transforming them into repeat customers.

Today I use Insightly in its simplest form: A database used as is. I put my contacts, organizations, tag them.

I've seen the videos about opportunities and projects and its seems to be what I need but I just can't figure out how to create an efficient pipeline for my needs. For instance :

  • Once I have a prospect client, first, I need to send a cold email => Do I have to create an opportunity per prospect? If so, do I have to create an opportunity and the corresponding organization and the contact in the contact list? Do I have to create a pipeline with tasks like "send a cold introduction email" then "send one last email if no answer after 1 week"?
  • Once I have transformed this prospect into a client => Do I have to change this opportunity into a project and create a pipeline with repeat tasks in it? Is that even possible?

Thank you very much for your help because I think I need to understand the difference between tasks and steps in a pipeline as well as how to optimize the whole process of those 2 specific goals.



  • Hi Brice,

    We use pipelines and activity sets for both opportunities and projects.

    I like to think of pipelines as a way to visually track major stages of an opportunity/project and activity sets as all the tasks that need to happen before we can advance to the next stage of the pipeline.

    Yes, my advice would be one opportunity per prospect.  If you wish to use Insightly to track win/loss ratios this is the way to go. It's also less confusing!

    Yes, you need to convert an opportunity to a project .  If your tasks will be the same as they were on your opportunity, you can create a single activity set and apply it to the pipeline you created for each one.

    Setting them up isn't difficult, it just takes time to think about all the steps in your process from start to finish.  But well worth it in time saved, tasks not missed, better customer experience, and so on. I





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  • Thank you Leah, let's try this ! :)

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