Hi, we are testing your software and app for our non profit. We are looking for few features that we worthier are not finding or you do not have. Can you help?
- Ability to share a task or contact info with a non user.
- ability to send SMS for a person or group from the app?
- Ability to set default values on main contact fields.
Thank you



  • Hi there,

    Great to hear you're testing us out.

    Some of our features on our mobile app are different from what's available on the web. You can review all our mobile features here.

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  • Here's some follow-up information:

    1) Right now, there's no direct way to share the contact with a non-user.  Certain information could be copied/pasted of course, but there's no quick solution for that right now in mobile.

    2) If the phone type is set to "Mobile", the Text option will appear when you tap the number.

    3) All of the defaults supported on the web are supported in the mobile app.  Additionally, default values for custom fields are also supported.

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