Emailing groups of contacts based on existing categories/fields


It seems that I cannot make a list of clients that bought a system and send an email to all of them, or even just get a list of all of their emails. To send a template email do I really need to go through the entire list of contacts, on 47 pages and check off each person who bought a system? I don't have them all memorized! 

I saw that another person was asking about emailing everyone at a pipeline stage (that would also be very useful) and part of the response was: 

You are able to email a group of contacts or leads by filtering on them in the contacts or leads area. This is typically done with tags but could also be done with custom fields.

How do I tag contacts? I opened a contact and I don't see an option for this. Also, When I was looking at the list of contacts and tried to filter, I could only do so with different fields in contacts, such as street name. That is really not very useful for us. We would very unlikely have to email a group of people on the same street, but we are very likely to need to email everyone who bought a system! 

Manipulating our contact list to send them emails is one of the most important thing we wanted to do on insightly. I hope that you can show me how I can do this or develop this functionality. 

Thank you very much!



  • Hi there Julianna:

    To send an email out to this select group, will need to separate these contacts from the rest of your database.

    There are a couple of ways to add Tags to contacts to notate that they've made a purchase, this article goes over you options - Creating and adding tags.

    If you've created a Custom Field for your Contacts that have purchased a system, you can add this a Custom filter. Custom field groups will appear in the dropdown after the default fields.

    Once you've segmented your data you can send your email to this select group.

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  • Hello!

    Back to old discussion: 

    is it possible to filter contacts based on organization fields they are linked to?

    I would like to send an email to contacts from selected organizations....

    Can you advise?


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  • Hello Krysztof,

    You'll want to go to your Reports Tab > Select Contacts Report > Contact Linked Item Report. This report will allow you to filter by an Organization field linked to your Contacts. 


    Hope that helps. 

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