Exporting more than 50 LEADS to Mailchimp


The 50 results per page is proving to be a challenge.

I have Leads marked with Tags. I would like to filter on the Lead Tag and then essentially "select all" and export to MailChimp. Naturally the resulting list, once I apply the Lead Tag filter is longer than 50. 

Is there  a way to export more than 50 Leads to MailChimp easily this way? 

Yes, I already created a Report and exported the list to Excel and uploaded to MailChimp to accomplish my task, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the 3rd party integration. 

Thank you!  



  • Hi, 

    You CAN import more than 50, you just have to select that option. Once you've filtered your contacts, there is a link in the center to select ALL records, not just the frist 50:

    Once you click that link, you'll receive a confirmation note that you have selected all records and can then export to MailChimp.


    I hope this helps!

  • That is helpful, thank you! 

    Perhaps 1 additional question - how does Insightly "sort" these lists. For example, I have 50 Leads on the first page, which sort of appear to be in alphabetical order (by first name), but then when I go to the 2nd and subsequent pages, they also appear to be sorted in alphabetical order , so I will have "A's and B's" etc. on page-2 and beyond. I don't see a way to "sort" the results by a specific field. 

    Thank you 

  • Your entire list should be in alpha order either by first name or last name. So if you have As and Bs on the first page, your second page will have Cs, and Ds, and so on.

    There are 2 ways you can set up your contact sorting. If you go to user settings, under your image on the top right:

    Then select if you'd prefer your contacts to be sorted by first name or last name:

  • I'm trying to import 6,000 names into mailchimp and the process is taking a very long time -- over a half hour now.  Is this usual?  If so, how to cancel the import?

  • Hi Lisa,

    The slowness is due to the amount of names you're importing. You may want to break the list down. I'll inquire with my team if we can assist with cancelling that import. :)

  • Hi Lisa,

    It appears your import queue has cleared. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble.

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