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I am a realtor. When creating Action Plans it would be nice to be able to assign a Roll instead of a Person. Example: Listing Agent


We are a 5 agent team, so each listing could have one of 5 people as the Listing Agent that would be performing the tasks on that Activity List.

WehnI activate an Activity List it could just ask me to assign a Person for each Role.

Listing Agent would have a Drop Down list of Agents, I would pick one and those tasks for that property would be assigned.


Anything like this in Insightly?




  • Hi Brian,

    The easiest way to accomplish that, if I understand your question properly, would be to create 5 identical Activity Sets. Each agent has their own set all tasks within are preassigned to that agent. Once you know the Listing Agent, apply their Activity Set. It's a very quick and easy way to assign multiple tasks.

    The other way do to it is to have 1 Activity Set with tasks you manually assign after the Activity Set is applied.  I had initially set up Insightly this way and VERY quickly grew tired of manually assigning tasks one by one!  





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  • Thank you Leah

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