Importing Leads with Lead Status

Hi there,

I am having trouble importing my leads with the correct lead status.

I mapped them to the values: 

OPEN - NotContacted
OPEN - AttemptedContact
OPEN - Contacted
CLOSED - Disqualified

But all leads are always set to OPEN - NotContacted.


Whats the value I have to input into the csv sheet to get the desired results?

Thanks a lot!



  • Hello, 

    Here is a great guide for Importing Leads. And you can also download sample import files here. As long as you map the Status field, it should pull the contents of that cell for each Lead. However, you need to OMIT the OPEN or CLOSED part of the status.

    For example, if your CSV looks like this (I've hidden some columns):

    And the copy in the Status filed matches your statuses exactly, when you map Status:

    It should appear when you import.


    I hope this helps!


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  • Spot on from Amanda.

    You might also consider what the default status is set to. Go to System Settings / Lead Statuses. Right now it looks like it is set to NotContacted. If you want all your leads to come in with a different status, set a different default.

    But of course, if a list of leads might all have different statuses when uploaded, then Amanda's got the solution (above).

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  • Thanks a lot, omitting the OPEN and CLOSED Tag was the key advice here.

    Have a great day.

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