Enhance phone_number filter in API v2.2

Insightly's `phone_number` filter in API v2.2 would work better with an extremely simple logic change.


Right now, the filter works like:


`return contact_set where input_string is in contact.phone_number_string;`


But it would be so much better if Insightly either stored phone numbers as digits only (which would require previously mentioned formatting rules), or simply searched only the digits in the phone number for filtering.

This allows you to interface with Google Voice (for example) via Zapier's Parser and Webhooks. It also protects customers against their own input formatting errors (perhaps driven by Insightly's decision to forego automatic phone number formatting).


So the new logic would be something like:


`return contact_set where digits_only(input_string) is in digits_only(contact.phone_number_string);`


This is a simple, fast change, protects users from mistakes, and allows more integrations with external technologies.




  • This is a great suggestion, that's free coding advice!

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  • this is still not working in API v2.2, right?

    if the phone number is stored like this: 123 45 67

    I will not find it by searching: 1234567

    or is there another way to find the right contact?

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