No Helpdesk Contact

I am logged into the help area with a live site but there is no flag to enable me to contact help desk

How do I contact help desk please?



  • Hi Nigel:

    We don't see an account under the email address you have registered on our Help site.

    You'll want to be sure that the email address used to log into our Help Site and the email address on your paid account are the same. This way you will see all the options available based on your plan level, including the option to open a ticket with our Support Team.

  • Try

    As I explained I am transferring the above to a new person and have paid for them

    I have registered so dont know why you cant see it

    You have taken my money so I think you should see my new email

    I am the admin and owner and dont want a reply to the trade email

  • Hi Nigel:

    I see that trade is the email address that is registered on your paid account. This is the email address you would need to use so you can see the option to open a ticket.

    Someone on our Support Team will reach out to you.

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