Xero integration - Creating invoices with multiple items and accounts

It is very rare for my business to invoice a client with only one revenue account receiving the funds. Often there is reimbursements and the sales reps have their own revenue accounts in Xero so we can calculate commissions and sales targets more efficiently.

Currently, Xero only allows one revenue account mapping and any invoice items are all allocated to that one sales account. This means that all my reimbursed items and sales are in the one Xero revenue account. This renders the integration completely unusable.

You have invoice item as a dropdown, why can't you have account code as a dropdown too?



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  • Hi Michael,

    I have looked at Xero's API and have found out that we can add Account Codes to our Invoice Modal and after making sure of the changes' impact, we will take it into our work log but unfortunately i cannot promise you any time frames as of now. 

    In the meantime, when we create a Xero invoice through Insightly, it is a "Draft" invoice and will still require some interaction on your part from within Xero. Do you currently click on the link for that newly created Invoice and modify it yourself?


    Thank you for using Insightly!


    -Integrations (Engineering)



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