Permissions to Everyone


Is there any way to switch the permissions of all contacts to grant permission to everyone without manually entering this permission into each contact?


Thank you!



  • Hi Jamie, 

    Yes! You can bulk edit and change permissions. If you select all the contacts you want to edit and then click the bulk edit option (the pen):

    Once you go into Bulk Edit, you select Change Permissions, then mark Everyone, and Save Bulk Edits and that should do it.


    I hope this helps!

  • Hi Jamie, there is. 


    First, select all the contacts by clicking the check box at the top left of the contact page.


    Then, click the bulk edit button.

    Then, click change permissions.

  • Ha, jinx Amanda!

  • :^)

  • Great!


    Thank you so much! VERY helpful! I didn't wanna do all 52 pages by hand! Ha!

  • Glad we could help!

  • Jamie, 

    If you are currently at the Professional or Enterprise level subscription with Insightly, you can also do this through advanced permissions. What level of Insighlty are you currently using?

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