Xero Id Custom Field

We have the Xero integration but before that I had set up a custom field on the organisation record call Xero Id which I had started to populate with a value that would connect the Insightly record to Xero. (This process is now redundant as the integration does this for me).

When I go to the custom fields in settings I can see the organisation custom field Xero Id that I set up but under contacts I can also see a Xero Id that I don't remember setting up.

When I go to advanced reporting I can see the organisation custom field there and can search for the values that I had entered. Under the contact reports I cannot see a Xero Id custom field.

What I am wondering if whether or not Insightly uses either or these two custom fields to link records to gether or is there some other mechanism? It is really strange that I can see a contact custom field of Xero Id in the settings but nowhere else. 

I don't want to delete either of them until I am assured it is not going to mess up my integration.



  • Hi David,

    Apologies for the late reply. I'm not sure how the Xero ID custom field was added under contacts. I can confirm that neither field is used by our integration. The link is persisted in the Database. You can go ahead and delete both.

    If you would like us to investigate the custom field that appeared out of nowhere, then please let me know. 


    Thank you for using Insightly!

    --Integrations (Engineering)

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  • Thanks Patrick,

    I have removed the two custom fields and everything is working as expected. 

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  • Thanks for confirming David!

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