custom fields for task


1/ Sending an sms to different numbers when creating a task in insightly

Your task mask do not show a field contact, client, project, organization (?!?). Why is that ? ie: even if this information are displayed in insightly, zapier can't find them as it is a link inside insightly.

Do you have a bug correction date fixed for this  ?

2/ Custom Task fields :

Without this option we cannot automatize our task management....loosing a lot of time and making us go back on Excel.

I know custom fields were not available a few month ago and that a lot of your clients needs it. Do you have a release date ?

Badly, these are really deal breaker for us to a definitely really great CRM (that we love).


Thank you in advance for your answer,






  • Hi Noham:

    I'm going to move this to our Ideas and Suggestions page so others can vote and comment on this too.

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  • What is the ETA on custom fields for tasks? 

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for your comments and votes!

    I would like to inform you that we actually have the main post for this feature request here. Please add your comments and vote to the main post and also don't forget to click on the little heart on the top left corner. 

    Thanks for your time and understanding! 

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