Bulk purging all those marketing JPG and PNG files


Like the rest of you, I too frequently get email with sometimes up to 5 .jpg, .png etc marketing system attachments. I step through deleting all these unwanted files one by one as I have allowed InsightlyCRM to save email attachments for good reason.

As a pragmatic suggestion to add to Mathew Chapman's requests (see his 21st April 2016 post  "Save All but Image Attachements?"   Please can the InsightlyCRM Product and Engineering teams consider providing ( for CONTACTS & OPPORTUNITIES in the FILES tab) the ability to search for file name including *.jpg *.png etc + bulk select these in order that we can bulk delete unwanted files or bulk associate with another CONTACT / OPPORTUNITY.

It currently takes ages to do this housekeeping.

I think what would work for Mathew Chapman and for me on a similar but separate requests for resolution is to have a new button in the LEFT Navigator pane for FILES and allow search and bulk select then edit or assign to an OPPORTUNITY or PROJECT or CONTACT ??  

I discovered that instead of using the SAVE EMAIL button in the Insightly CRM google mail Chrome add-in I can instead forward emails to InsightlyCRM and go to the bottom of the email and delete all the forwarded attachments I do not want BEFORE I hit send.  But !! this seriously slows me down as it is extra steps plus you can't see which emails have been forwarded or not where as the SAVE EMAIL button says SAVED EMAIL when you have done this step.  

PLEASE VOTE. many thanks & Happy Christmas everyone :-)


December 2016



  • it would be great time saver

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  • Hello Hakim and Daniele,

    Thanks for your feature request and feedback!

    We currently have a main post on this subject with lots of activity and comments.

    You can find the post here.

    I suggest adding your comment and vote there this way the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your time! 

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