Bulk Update via Importing released

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your votes. We're happy to announce that Bulk Updating via Importing has just been released.

Now you’ll never have to manually update numerous records again. Our new Import Wizard allows you to update all Insightly records; leads, contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects and tasks.

Learn more about bulk updating using imports in our help article. And if you're new to importing, our Importing Guide walks you through the basics - including how to prepare an import file and reference sample files.

Try out our new Import Wizard and let us know what you think! Remember to continue voting for those Ideas & Suggestions that matter to you.




  • Thanks, much needed.

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  • Hello! I am having an issue with this.

    When maping fields for the import there is one field that the tool would not recognize and does not let me import it.

    Please look at the Sanpshot below.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you!


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  • Hi Ignacio:

    The Opportunity State Reasons are not mappable. We have an Ideas & Suggestions page where you can add your thoughts on features you'd like to see improved or added to Insightly. 

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  • Hello, first of all thanks for the added functionality.

    Unfortunately, it seems like the "Title / Role" does not update after importing a CSV previously exported from Insightly.

    All other fields work fine.

    When manually editing the contact in Insightly, the name of the field is "Occupation" rather than "Title / Role" which is indicated in the import wizard (and "Role" in the exported CSV file). Possible explanation?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Lionel:

    The Title/Role is associated to the Linked Organization. A record can be linked to multiple organizations and the fields that accept multiple values (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) will not be replaced with new information, instead it will be added.

    In this particular scenario with Title/Role, links will only be added if the organizations in your CSV file are new. If you map to an existing linked organization the Role will not be updated. This is because Insightly can't possibly know when you're replacing or adding data for these fields.

    This article is helpful for understanding bulk updating with imports.



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  • The ability to bulk update has been an absolute game changer for us! The only feature missing for me is the ability to update permissions this way.

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