Insightly releases Workflow Automation

We're pleased to announce the release of Insightly's WorkFlow Automation feature. Workflow Automation let's you automate a set of actions, predefined by you, that are executed when criteria you specify are met. Actions such as:

  • Add a task
  • Send an email
  • Add a new record (Lead, Contact, Organization, Opportunity, or Project)
  • Update a record

With Insightly's Workflow Automation you'll spend less time updating your CRM and more time growing your business.

This short video explains it best. To learn even more, check out Workflow Automation in our help articles or sign up for this Premium webinar.

This feature is available on Insightly's Professional and Enterprise plans.



  • Wow - this brings so much more functionality [that I've been looking for] to Insightly, but the price is way out of reach for this user!

  • I have a suggestion with tasks within the workflow automation feature. As it stands right now, you can filter tasks using keywords like "tomorrow" or "next week," however you can not use those keywords when updating records of tasks. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like you can only set a specific date when updating a task record, which, does not provide much benefit. 


  • Hi Dave:

    You may want to check out the Ideas & Suggestions page to see if this has been submitted by another user and add your vote. If you don't find it, you can add a new thread for users to comment and vote on :)

  • Hi Brenda. I would like to try the Workflow Automation to see if it works how I need it. Is there a trial?

  • You can create a new Free Trial to test this out here Mariela. And if you want to transfer some data from your existing account into the trial this article goes over how  - Transferring data between Insightly accounts :)

  • GREAT! I've been requesting this for over a year. HOWEVER, you've only included it for the really expensive accounts. Can't you include a limited version for ALL pricing plans? Maybe a limited number of workflows? I can't afford the function I need.

  • AGREED!!!

  • @Scotty @Stefan I highly encourage both of you to get in touch with a member of our sales team to see if they can help you. Their toll free number is (888) 999-4039 and their email address is You can email or call them anytime.


    Yep. It's pricey, but it's slick!

  • The automation feature is great, however there remains a major issue with the email formatting.
    It's embarrassing to send an email to client with Times New Roman as the font. We can't use the full potential of the CRM and feel we shouldn't have to pay the full price of our plan if we can use a basic advertised function.
    The email font formatting issue has been flagged in this community forum since 2015!

  • Way too expensive in the professional plans


  • Agree with it being far too expensive. Especially since the email thing is still such a huge issue (and has been for quite some time). 

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