Xero Integration - Problem with Inventory

I just signed up to Insightly to trial it for my company, so am still on the free tier. The main reason I have picked Insightly is as it integrates with our accounting provider, Xero. 

Immediately I found an issue with Insightly's Xero integration, as described in my email to Xero and Insightly below. While I think this is a problem with Xero's API, I'd be interested to hear whether anyone else has come across this problem.


Dear Xero Support (and Insightly Support)
I am testing out Insightly + Xero together. Noticed a bug on the integration. It appears that untracked inventory items that are archived in Xero are visible to users in Insightly when creating a draft Xero invoice. This should not be the case (after all the items are not visible in Xero any longer and it is not possible to create new invoices with archived inventory items).
To recreate this issue:
1) Create Untracked Inventory items in Xero, mark at least one as "archived"
2) Link your Insightly account to Xero
3) On the Insightly Organisation page for the customer, click on the Xero link for the customer and link the customer to Xero. 
4) From the Xero tab in Insightly create a new draft sales invoice
5) select a product from the product list - you'll notice that all inventory items are visible, regardless of whether they are archived or not
While this problem is coming up in Insightly, I believe that the Xero API is actually at fault as it does not include any options for filtering out archived inventory items (as far as the Xero documentation shows here.  https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/items/
Once Xero updates the API, then Insightly can update their code for retrieving inventory items (hence also CC'ing in Insightly Support for their input).
Kind regards,


  • Hi Harold,

    That is a great catch on your part! and Thank you for supplying us with steps to reproduce. At first glance, you are correct! Xero's API does not provide means to filter those items out. Having said that, you can supply a condition with your call to the API (Where Status= "Voided"). I will connect with the API team and figure out if we can use that as a way to filter out the Archived items.

    I will keep you posted!

    Thank you for trying Insightly and we hope you have a great experience. Also, please do not hesitate to let me know if i can help out with anything else.

    --Integrations (Engineering)

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  • Hi Harold,

    I got in touch with Xero's API team and unfortunately they have not incorporated that filter nor can we use the Conditional Parameters to filter them out. 

    The API team has made a note of it but informed me that this fix will not be released in the near future. We will update our docs to reflect this finding.

    Thanks again for catching this!

    --Integrations (Engineering)

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