Double contacts Double companies


Mr Martin is linked to company X as an employee.

When I open company I see 2 contacts : Mr Martin & Mr Martin linked

When I open Mr Martin I see 2 companies : X and X linked

Is this normal ?





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  • Hello J,

    This is normal.

    We recently made some changes to help you better update your primary organization field for your contact records. Now when you edit the Organization or Title field on the contact's details, we'll add a link or update the link in your Related tab. This was done to help you with reporting, your filters, and save you time so you don't have to update this information in multiple places. 

    In the Related tab of your Organization, you may see the Contacts appear twice: one is a link with a three-dot icon that you can modify or remove, and one will not have an icon. The link with no icon (three dots) is synced with the organization field in the Details section of the contact. To edit this link, you will need to edit the organization on the Details tab instead. You'll see the duplicate links unless you create a manually link between the contact and the organization record. If you created links manually in the past, you will still see those links.

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