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I just started with Insightly (free account). I've made a couple of contacts, including myself en someone who once sent me an e-mail, let's call her Julia X. I wanted to save this e-mail from out my Outlook to Insightly. So I searched for the e-mail that was from Julia X. I'd  put my insightly mail adress in the 'To' field and sent the e-mail to Insightly. In Insightly the e-mail was linked to my own account but not to the account of Julia X, while that's te most important. Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?



  • Hello,

    When using the "To" field to forward emails to Insightly, the system will look through the first 10 lines of the email body for email addresses and domains in the original message header. Insightly expects the first few lines of the email body to contain the original email headers and look something like the text below:


    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Lorraine Laughlin <lol@someemail.inn>
    Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 11:27 AM
    Subject: Important update!
    To: Omar Gibbons <omg@someemail.inn>
    Keep in mind If you are sending an email to someone and incorrectly include the Insightly mailbox address in the To field, Insightly will not find matching email addresses in the first few lines of the body and will only link the email to the user of the Insightly email address in the From field. Here's a helpful article with further information. 
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  • Hi,


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    I went ahead and edited the email provided in the text for better privacy as this is a public forum.

    To address the issue I suggest putting the Insightly address in the TO or CC field and not in both places as this can cause confusion in the system. Please try this again by using one of the TO or CC fields.

    Also, the linking only supports email headers in English, so they must read "From," "To," "CC," and "BCC." Since your email program is set to a different language, Insightly may not be able to recognize the proper fields and complete the links. If the issue continues let me know and I'll create a ticket to further troubleshoot this issue.
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  • Hello Alejandro,

    Thank you for the tip! I changed 'Van' into 'From' and it worked. But that leaves another question: how can we make this smart? You can imagine it is not doable to keep on changing 'van' into 'from' for every e-mail you want to save in Insigthly. I've worked wit Insightly before (also in a Dutch company) and we never had this problem. Do you have a tip? Thanks!

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  • Hello,

    Glad that worked for you!

    I understand this can seem like a tedious process since the linking only supports email headers in English. Another workaround that can possibly help will be to use the Insightly Sidebar for Outlook. 

    Some features to highlight:

    From incoming emails:

    • Save email messages to Insightly
    • Create a new record containing the message content
    • Select which records to link or create from your saved email
    • Choose whether to save email attachments to Insightly

    When sending email:

    • Send emails via Insightly, which saves a copy to your CRM
    • Use your Insightly email templates in Outlook
    • Schedule emails (available on our Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plan)
    • View open and click rates in Insightly
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