Create a Report Listing the Visibility Permissions on a Records


Is there a way to create a report which lists the visibility permissions on records. 

I want to be able to list records, such as contacts or leads, which have the visibility permissions set to anything other than 'Everyone.'  I would create a report for each record type.  For example, I would like to include the contact or lead ID number, name, and visibility permission setting.

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  • Hello,

    This kind of report is currently not available. Here are the different kind of reports you can run:


    • Task Reports
    • Contact Reports
    • Organization Reports
    • Lead Reports
    • Opportunity Reports
    • Project Reports 
    • Event Report
    • File Report
    • Note Report
    • User Activity Report


    Here's a helpful article on how you can create a custom report. 

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  • I need this report as well. Only work around I can think of is to add a unique "tag", but that is a second step that could miss some contacts, or add extra.

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