I have been reading about automation in Insightly and we would like to upgrade to use these features but just want to check the following things are possible first:

1. Can we automatically convert leads to opportunities on creation if a custom flag is set? Plus add a follow up task when this happens?

2. Can I create a follow up task when importing a lead? If we imported 1000 leads at once we wouldn't want all the tasks to be on the same date. Could we create a task based on a custom date field or some other way?

3. I'm not sure this is part of automation but can we send calendar invites when an event is created?




  • Hello,

    To answer your questions:

    1. Insightly does not have an option to convert Leads automatically. 
    2. Yes using our workflow automation you are able to import Leads and apply a Task to them. 
    3. No, you are not able to do calendar invites in Insightly. 

    Here's a helpful article with more information on workflow automation

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  • Thanks very much.

    Just wondering if I could do something roughly equivalent to converting a lead by doing the same steps one at a time, so change the lead status to won, create a contact, create an organization, create an opportunity and link them?

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  • Hello,

    When Converting Leads one at a time you have the following options:

    • Create new Opportunity 
    • Link or Create New Contact
    • Link or Create New Organization 

    This process will create a link to the new or existing records.

    Here are two helpful articles that provide more information around Leads:

    1. How to create and manage leads
    2. Converting a lead to a contact and a sales opportunity
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